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Over the years I have focused on still life, figure work, portraiture, and landscape. I typically work in oil, watercolor, and collage/mixed media. The examples below are representative of the primary categories of my work, but I am always interested in experimenting in new art forms.


My work in still life began in high school with an interest in drawing and painting meaningful objects. Still life offers an opportunity to study color and provides a compelling challenge in interpreting the nuances of space and values of darks and lights. My interest in still life has grown and evolved over the years, and it represents a continuing focus in my studio and in gallery exhibitions.

Ottoman Dreams_edited.jpg
East Side Blues - better quality_edited.


I began to work in collage while an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. In fact, I have found collage to be freeing and worthwhile in its own right, as well as valuable for my work in other mediums. While  studying at Pratt in New York, I continued to explore mixed media, with work in cold wax and oil paint. More recently, I have enjoyed using encaustics and the depth and layers that become visible through this medium. I continue to work in collage as a balance to other forms of painting.


Creating portraits of friends and family was my entry into drawing. In fact, portraits and figures have been a part of every stage of my career—from my time as a student though my involvement in communities of painters in New York and North Carolina. I continue to enjoy creating quick studies of models in group settings, as well as more formal portraits of friends and family.

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